Loneliness is a dreadful way of life when it´s not chosen other than thru great insanity
No one to call when I drag myself once a week to the darkest corners of humanity

Shooting aimlessly in the dark and brick by brick I´m building the perfect defensive wall
Aiming for loneliness where all hope has been blown to pieces, true one day we all must fall

When the last deck of cards contains nothing but jokers that´s taking cheap shots at your expense
With your last intelligence in a crazy egoistic world, all shields are up in defence and u take a emotional stance

When I feel I am the last brick at the end of the domino, another step closer to schizo
With my beloved imaginary puppet friends, I´m the star of a eternal psycho freakshow.

So this is the way the story goes with invisible and/or faded tears
Facing demons from the past, winding down in a cyclone of fears

In a whirling journey heading for the eye of the needle
Aiming and hoping for things to get better
Soon, real soon.